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Combining traditional and DeFi banking
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What is Paypolitan
Mobile payments for fiat and cryptocurrencies with yield farming
it works
The Paypolitan platform will use blockchain technology, smart contracts and open banking APIs to provide a next-gen billing solution that meets the needs of modern payment systems for businesses and customers.
Connect your existing
"money" accounts
Connect your existing banks account via IBAN

Connect your crypto accounts in 5 seconds
Pay via fiat
or crypto to anyone
and anywhere
Lock liquidity in
Paypolitan Savings
to earn high rates
Receive EPAN tokens
for transactional
activity and for
Liquidity provision
Earn more EPAN via
staking and HODLing

Real DeFi is coming NOW
Our EPAN token is listed on
Paypolitan is featured frequently on TV
Lower costs
lower the cost of payment by initiating direct IBAN transfers or crypto transfers
Higher earning rates
"smart" savings driving your passive income for liquidity provision
algorithmically managed governance token distribution for transactional activity and LP
deliver simple one-click payments and slick SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) user experience
Single entry

managing all funds in one place (crypto or fiat)
Embedded finance
for Corporates
White Label
In order to distribute our solution and drive locked liquidity, we also focus on white label solutions. Our payment solution is meant to be labeled with our partners' brands. We target companies that either have the supporting device or process a number of monthly and or recurrent payments.
Mobile carriers might be the most important adopters of our solution as they supply their subscribers with smartphones. Today, there are 2500 mobile carriers including MVNO's and sub brands with 5 billion subscribers globally, 180 network mobile carriers with 1.2 billion subscribers in Europe. With Paypolitan's payment solution, mobile operators will generate new, significant revenue: transforming their existing subscribers into banking clients without becoming a bank.
Mobile carriers
Our solution is also an appropriate solution for existing bricks & mortar banks who intend to take a stake in a new market of digital online banking…and this time this banking is not done from a computer but a smartphone which requires the right environment. Paypolitan could provide a plug&play solution or platforms for banks.
Which airline doesn't offer a labeled credit card nowadays? We have a clear focus on low cost airlines as they are highly reactive. Focusing on pan-European low cost carrier like Ryanair, EasyJet, Eurowings and several pan-European players.
Not surprisingly, social networks are in the logical line with messaging services as some of the most important global messaging services are a feature of social networks like Facebook. Apart from basic social networks matching people – private or professionally – others have ambitions to become a service provider for the whole life of a consumer analyzing his behavior and social category. At the end, those social networks offer services to their user and will end up covering also the payment part.
Social networks
Today's core team worked for the first time together
Developing the concept
Q3 2020
Demo app released
Q4 2020
IDO on Decentralized exchange; listing on Uniswap
Q1-Q2 2021
Release 1.0 of Paypolitan app
Q2-Q3 2021
Integration of Credit function
Q3 2021
Filing for European e-money license
Q4 2021
Release 1.2: cash payments
Founding Team
We are experienced, European entrepreneurs, lawyers, and technical architects who worked together for almost 14 years and now gathered to move DeFi from just swapping and liquidity mining to transactional activity
"Paypolitan is the first PSD2 payment solution that is offering a simple solution to complex payments"
Deputy CEO Eulogian Foundation, Advisor of Paypolitan and "30 Most Influential People In Blockchain Industry 2020" by Hackernoon
Bruce Jeong
Nils Tharandt Ortiz
Nils, 48, is an entrepreneur, lawyer by education holding 2 legal masters from University of Paris Seine and a specialization in human rights from René Cassin Institute, Strasbourg. After 6 years working at embassies and international organizations, he left for the private sector and made successfully 2 exits: directory assistance SCOOT 118 000 sold to Seat Pagine Gialle (Italian Yellow Pages) and Best Of Artisans, the French craig's list, sold to Bertelsmann France. He is working in telecommunications for 17 years. He was also the official State rep of Louisiana to France until 2019. He won the 1st price of the Oracle Start-up Award Paris in 2001.
CEO, Co-Founder
Marco Roemeth
Marco, 48, is a trained lawyer and has worked in the banking industry for almost 15 years, among others at Dresdner Kleinwort and Bayerische Landesbank (Bavarian State Bank). Before that he worked for a couple of years at Ernst & Young and German Thai Chamber of Commerce in Bangkok, Thailand.
CFO, Co-Founder
Victor Cristinari

Victor, 40, is an entrepreneur and software architect, holding a BS degree in Computer Science from the Technical University of Iasi, Romania. He is the CTO of SourceTask, a high performing software development provider. Victor has designed and maintained various highly scalable software platforms and was involved with various start-ups in Europe and US.
Jean Safar
Blockchain Architect
Jean, 55, holds an MS in mathematics, has over 25 years experience in distributed and HPC technologies. Co-founder of Matrics and CTO of LiquidShare, he has architected production ready blockchain solutions. Jean was also the co-founder of ActiveViam and the creator of ActivePivot. He also worked as Chief Architect for investment banks such as Dresdner, UBS or Lehman Brothers and created and participated in 5 start-ups in Europe, Japan and the US. Jean is a 1989 er Silicon Valley veteran!
Hans-Peter Frotz
Graduated in Business Administration in Düsseldorf, focusing on marketing and communication. After establishing several newspapers including Mühlheimer and Oberhausener Abendblatt, Peter switched to the advertising agency Vartex Media Marketing GmbH as a freelance advertising consultant. Here, he successfully helped in restructuring the company. Projects under his management generated an annual turnover of more than EUR 600 million. Currently, Hans-Peter Frotz is managing director for the energy supplier Winströöm.
Sales Director
Evgeniya Mihailova
Evgeniya, 36, is in charge of financial communications. She holds diplomas of business administration and finance of University of Shymkent, Kazakhstan, and Moscow State University. She worked 6 years at National Bank of Uzbekistan (NBU) in charge of currency conversion. Later, she worked as a trader in a Kiev based investment fund.
Director, Financial Communications
Real DeFi is coming NOW
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